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Re: [SCA-Milliners] There once was a 9th cen. Dane, He knew not what to wear?

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  • Julianna Thoennes
    http://www.vikinganswerlady.org/ http://www.frojel.com/ Hope these help! I used to live and play in Blatha an Oir!! That was back in 86 though. Julianna
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2001
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      Hope these help! I used to live and play in Blatha an Oir!! That was back in 86' though.

      Julianna Mumbrue

      Donovan Gesting wrote:
      > Goddag Friends, Lords, and Ladies,
      > Let me introduce myself. My name is Donovan and I'm kind of new. I hail from An Tir, Blatha AN Oir. I was in the SCA here back in 96'. I was only active for 5months or so.
      > I have read allot about the society on the net and have an 85' edition of the known world handbook. I wish to personify a Dane from Jelling in 850ad or about there , My persona would be roving about the danelaw doing his business. Also had a trip to northern France a little after Rollo.
      > If it makes a difference I'm a 27yrs old male 6'2 210lbs slender with mass, brownish red hair and ruddy complexion
      > I will be heavy fighting and want to portray the 7th cen. Swedish chieftain look ( specular conical helm with maille attached coif, long maille burnye and round center boss shield) I was thinking of making a leather fit underharness so I can wear mailee over my functional underharness without the chain catching anything and still remain light. How do I work this? Patterns?
      > As far as garb goes I was thinking wool over tunic, rounded neck and mid thigh with scandia tassels, short sleeves Black. The undertunic is going to be a natural brown linen, long fit sleeves, rounded neck and knee length with nalbinding trim. I have found a great pattern for Danish upper ankle boots with bindings. I like the twin baldric belts but I think that's Varangian? how would a Dane hang his sword?
      > Also I'm at a loss for hat ideas for the Danes, and ill need one because I'm bald as a thrall and hoods are to warm for summer! Also I was thinking of wool plaid trousers baggy but pit ( three crotch pattern) but the only reference I found was migration era Norway? I was also thinking light brown twill (houndstouth) linen?
      > As you can tell I've been trying to be authentic and stay within my culture, I want to start off set up so I can build from what I have. Allot of people I've talked to in the society have short attention spans and are not Danish. and they think me a fool to want maille armor! I do intend to have it all save the drakkar!
      > Please any and all comments, advice, reference material suggestions and patterns or what not would be appreciated and a blessing.
      > Bjolan Torfassen
      > for now the mun"DANE"
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