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ANNOUNCE: KWCS/KWAR Newsletter (long)

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  • Eirene Tzimiskina Kontostephanina
    Please pardon the bandwidth. This newsletter will be posted no more than once a week for the next 3 weeks (when KWCS/KWAR will happen). Please feel free to
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      Please pardon the bandwidth. This newsletter will be posted no more
      than once a week for the next 3 weeks (when KWCS/KWAR will happen).
      Please feel free to make this available to people not on this list
      or to other lists.

      Robert of Deerbourne
      Publicity Coordinator - KWAR/KWCS

      Countdown to Known World Costuming Symposium - Known World Academy
      of the Rapier Newsletter

      In this Issue:
      - The Denver Renaissance Hotel, Your Best Bet
      - Taming the T-Rex
      - Volunteer at KWCS/KWAR
      - Full Event Announcement
      - A Word From the Autocrats


      The Denver Renaissance Hotel, Your Best Bet

      Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to make your hotel
      reservations with the Renaissance Denver Hotel for KWCS III/KWAR
      soon! The room block that we have reserved at the special rate of
      $59 a night is over 70% sold and going fast! This is a class "A"
      hotel, with all the amenities - ironing boards, refrigerators,
      complimentary coffee, and data ports in the hotel rooms, on-site
      restaurant and lounge, pool and hot tub, and room service. Enjoy the
      superb accommodations and uncompromising service of the Renaissance
      for these world-class events!

      To help you make your decision, we've compiled a list of the top ten
      reasons you should you stay at the Renaissance Denver Hotel for

      (drum roll, please...)

      10) Your room is a quiet place to R&R during the event
      9) Less distance to carry all the booty from the Merchant room
      8) Avoid the shower line at your host's two-bedroom apartment
      7) Random late-night quizzes in the elevator could get your name in
      the local newsletter
      6) Yours is not one of the hundreds of cars stuck in the daily lane
      changes and nightly closures of T-REX
      5) You get to sleep on a real bed, instead of your friend's vintage
      lumpy sofa
      4) Your best Elizabethan gets hung in the closet, not rolled up and
      used as a pillow
      3) The special `secret' handshake got you the $59 rate
      2) "Designated Elevator Operator" replaces the "Designated Driver"

      And the Number One reason for staying at the Renaissance Denver
      is ....
      Your hotel room is two minutes from class, two minutes from the
      feast, and right next door to the yummy Italian Ren in room 206...

      Taming the T-REX

      T-REX is the Billion dollar project to update the valley highway (I-
      25) through the heart Denver. If you are travelling to Denver
      International Airport and renting a car to get to the site then
      you'll have no problem. The completed project to widen I-70 means
      you'll have smooth sailing to the event.

      However, if you are coming in from South of the Denver Metro area,
      you may have to work your way through the jaws of T-REX. If you
      drive in during the day you should no problems other than some
      slowing traffic here or there. T-REX builders are required to leave
      three lanes open in both directions until evening rush ends. After
      about 8pm, various lane shifts and closures can occur.

      Closures, changes and detailed construction updates are available
      on the T-REX web site at: http://www.trexproject.com/ . If you do
      find yourself facing a closure, and you don't want to deal with the
      posted detour, there is a (somewhat pricey) alternative route to the
      hotel. When you reach the South Metro area, take E-470 East. This
      partially completed toll ring road connects to I-70 near Denver
      International Airport. From there take I-70 west (following the I-70
      directions in the event announcement). Maps and detailed prices of
      the toll road are available at: http://www.e-470.com/


      Volunteer at KWCS/KWAR

      An event this big doesn't run itself. Our staff team is always
      looking for help on projects big and small. Most volunteer positions
      are for 1-2 hours shifts. You can help by volunteering to work a
      shift or two. We are looking for help in:
      - Event Admissions - contact Yuki at Michell.Tillotson@U...
      - Event Sales Desk (the goodie desk) - contact Eirene at
      - Hospitality Suite (food and socializing)- contact Mor at
      - Security (The Brute Squad) - contact Fionn at
      - Merchant Schlep Squad (setup and breakdown) - contact Mabina at

      As there are just 17 days left to register for THE Known World
      event of the year, we are coming to you on this and in days hence to
      insure that all who will are enticed into attending this "don't
      miss" weekend. We present for your amusement and edification:

      Known World Costuming Symposium III - Known World Academy of the
      October 17-19, 2003
      Barony of Caerthe, Kingdom of the Outlands (Denver, Colorado)

      Some quick facts:
      18 merchants in our huge merchant room.
      200 class hours - You'll never be bored.
      Enjoy classes on Fencing, Costuming, Dance and a track of joint
      interest classes.
      Indoor and outdoor fencing space
      Costuming displays
      The famous "Walk Through History"
      Legerdemain Roundtable
      Masked Ball with period gaming (no risk to your wallet)
      Hotel rooms at $59 a night (code SCASCAA)
      Raffles throughout the weekend.
      Hospitality Suite

      Schedule (subject to change)

      Friday night:
      Registration opens at 4pm.
      Known World Social - Hosted by Medieval Properties Inc. 7pm
      Join new and old friends from around the Known World for a little
      get together. Enjoy finger foods and our own private cash bar.

      Registration opens at 7am and closes at 10 pm.
      Merchant room opens at 8 am and closes at midnight.
      Classes being at 10 am. (see event web site for class schedule)

      Featured speakers:
      Robin Netherton will present When Medieval Meets Victorian: the
      roots of Modern Costume Sources
      Tawny Sherrill will be presenting Cesare Vecellio's Costume Book
      and then Myth of Venice
      Don Tivar Moondragon will be presenting The History of Rapier
      Fighting in the SCA
      Evening Feast (final menu available on the event site after Oct
      1st) -
      6:30 pm
      Masked Ball - The Come-As-You-Aren't Ball - 8:00 pm
      The Dicing Dragon - Period gaming
      Dancing, dancing and more dancing!

      Other events scheduled for Saturday:
      Pelican ceremony for Her Excellency Doña Countess Aindrea
      Ceremony to invest the Barony of Caerthe's new Vicars.

      Merchant room opens at 9 am and closes at 3 pm
      Classes begin at 9 am

      Confirmed Merchants:
      Darkridge Jewelers
      Jewels by von Roessler
      Calontir Trim
      Poison Pen Press
      The Spanish Peacock
      Dark River Caravan
      Darkwood Armory
      Funny Farm
      Urusala's Alcove
      All things Sharp
      Pastiche Inc.
      Canyon Keep Enterprises
      Castle Furnishings
      The Merlion's Tail / Sewing Central
      The Silk Robe
      Realms of Regalia
      Denver's own Wizard's Chest (selling masks for the ball)

      Event Details:

      Site: Denver Renaissance Hotel - I-70 and Quebec (maps on the web

      Hotel shuttles are available from Denver International Airport.

      Event fees:
      Site: Adults: $25 for two days / Kids: 5 to 12 $12.50 for two
      days / Under 4: Free
      (The feast is sold out. There is a restaurant on site plus numerous
      eateries across the street at Quebec Center.)
      Note: The Masked Ball and Feast are separate events. Even if you
      don't attend the feast, please come to the ball.

      Full event details are available on the event web site:

      Join the KWcs-ar list for up-to-date information -

      KWCS Autocrat: Despôtissa Eirene Tzimiskina Kontostephanina -

      KWAR Autocrat: The Honorable Lady Rivka Vladimirovna Rivkina -


      A Word From the Autocrats

      THL Rivka - KWAR Autocrat

      Are you ready to fence until you drop? Have we got the schedule
      for you! Two full tracks of practical fencing classes on Saturday,
      and three tracks on Sunday. That's right! For your fencing and
      educational pleasure we added another whole track of practical
      classes on Sunday. There's still space for more classes if you have
      knowledge of the more esoteric concepts associated with fencing.
      Come teach a class on Honor and Honorable Quarrels or on How to Be a
      Courtier. We'll get you scheduled. Finally, be sure to get a room
      in the hotel. There's so much going on, you don't want to miss a
      minute of it because you're stuck in T-Rex construction!

      Mistress Eirene - KWCS Autocrat

      The class schedule is nearly full! Clothing classes spanning from
      England to China, from basic research to high Elizabethan promise to
      satisfy both the novice and expert clothier at KWCS III. And yet,
      there's still room for more. I could use classes for the Medieval
      and Renaissance, Non-European, and Eastern European tracks. Even if
      the schedule fills, we'll have need for people to teach on a
      contingency basis, that is to fill the inevitable cancellations. If
      you have signed up to teach - and even if you haven't - do not
      hesitate to send your class notes to Mistress Tatiana
      (tatiana@r...) for inclusion in the Proceedings. The
      Proceedings is one of the most widely sought-after products of
      collegia such as this, and your efforts will go far in teaching the
      Known World. Yes, the deadline has passed, but Mistress Tatiana is
      still able to accept a few more submissions, but time is very
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