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  • Silverwood
    Jul 12, 2000
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      For hot and windy summers, I have found that various ladies turbans often associated with Burgundian Houppelandes keep me cool and keep my scalp from sunburning. Made of the right materials, I can dampen it without it showing or wilting. My research, woefully incomplete, seems to indicate that they were developed from styles brought by returning crusaders but I have been unable to prove it, nor have I been able to find definitive wrapping styles. Cotton batiste, china silk and a much-washed tight weave linen seem to work best so far. I've seen mention of brocades and trimmed edges but have no pictures. Would they have been wound on a hat form for ease of removal or would they be just lengths to be wound around the head?
      Anybody want to jump in or discuss their favorite hat style?


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