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  • edythmiller@juno.com
    Sep 11, 2011
      There's evidence in 14th and 15th century illuminations that suggest head wraps or caps were worn under other headdress, mostly in the lower classes. Though this isn't true for earlier veils, I find that it still works wonderfully and also eliminates any "shading" that darker hair has under semi-transparent linen. A linen cap, such as the Saint Birgitta Cap style, if sized properly with the right amount of tension, is a great, sturdy base for all manner of other headdress, including veils. A mundane option I suggest, if you're OK with less than authentic techniques, is to cut the sleeves off a white T-shirt and use it was a headband (with the hemmed edge at the front, and the longer part of the sleeve over the top of your head.) Use the smallest size shirt that can comfortably stretch over your head. It does stretch and will eventually wear out, but washing and drying it after each wearing will help. The suggestion to not wash your hair right before an event is also a good one - slightly dirty hair seems to "grip" fabric a bit better. Edyth Miller
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