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3985Re: [SCA-Milliners] Assistance if I may

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  • Kirsten Garner
    Jan 8, 2010
      Good afternoon,

      That is the standard English gable hood. There used to be instructions on making one linked off of Drea Leed's Elizabethan Costuming page, but that link seems to be down.

      Underneath it, the lady would have had her hair braided in two braids and wrapped around her head, as can *just* be seen in this portrait of Elizabeth of York (look closely just under the peak of the hat):

      Whether or not there was also a small coif is anyone's guess. :)

      If you don't want to do the full gable, there are a couple other options:

      from 1526ish

      Also from 1526ish, and showing one of Thomas More's daughters.

      That's a brief skimming. :) Hope it helps!


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      Subject: [SCA-Milliners] Assistance if I may
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      Date: Friday, January 8, 2010, 11:32 AM

      Greetings to the list....

      My sister is working from a portrait of Catherin of Aragon

      http://tudorhistory .org/aragon/ aragon.jpg

      Any input on what head wear would have been under this? What might have been worn with a dress of this status if not the one shown?

      My thanks

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