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3904RE: [SCA-Milliners] Question on hairpins

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  • Illish O'Donovan
    Jan 14, 2009
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      Thank you. Yes, I would very much like to see the picture. What about 14th century veil pins rather than hair pins. Any ideas???

      To: SCA-Milliners@yahoogroups.comFrom: bekkamom2001@...: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 08:08:46 -0800Subject: Re: [SCA-Milliners] Question on hairpins

      M'lady Illish:I have done a cursory search of my Virtual Reference Library images of artwork from the 1300s. While I have found reasonable number of artworks that show women with hairstyles that would seem to require pins or combs or SOMETHING to hold them as depicted, I haven't been able to see any that show the pins THEMSELVES - save one, and it is only a very weak 'maybe' (might be a spot on the picture! - but I can send you a copy if you wish). Unless you mispoke yourself and meant the 1400s (15th c.) - wherein I might have better luck.YIS,Leofwynn MarchauntTidbits Trinketshttp://store.tidbitstrinkets.com--- On Wed, 1/14/09, Illish O'Donovan <illish_o@...> wrote:> From: Illish O'Donovan <illish_o@...>> Subject: [SCA-Milliners] Question on hairpins> To: sca-milliners@yahoogroups.com> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 7:04 AM> Good Morning everyone!> > I am currently working on a project and was wondering> if anyone might be able to help me. I am looking for> documentation (including picture evidence) on 14th Century> hairpins. Any help would be greatly appreciated.> Thanks in advance,> Ilish > __________________________________________________________> Windows Live� Hotmail�: Chat. Store. Share. Do more with> mail. > http://windowslive.com/howitworks?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_WL_t1_hm_justgotbetter_howitworks_012009> > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]> > > ------------------------------------> > Community email addresses:> Post message: SCA-Milliners@onelist.com> Subscribe: SCA-Milliners-subscribe@onelist.com> Unsubscribe: SCA-Milliners-unsubscribe@onelist.com> List owner: SCA-Milliners-owner@onelist.com> > Shortcut URL to this page:> http://www.onelist.com/community/SCA-MillinersYahoo!> Groups Links> > >

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