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3889Re: [SCA-Milliners] my project and some questions

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  • Caitriona Campbell
    Nov 3, 2008
      Frankly, I make and wear mine to achieve the look.  If I enter the A&S (which I usually don't) then, materials or substitution materials would be very important.  If it's just for me and to help complete a period look, then I make it from whatever is the most economical and easier to work with but still gives the appropriate look.  I guess in other words, make yourself happy first and the rest of the world after that.

      Caitriona, Karen, DragonLady
      (My personality trinity)

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      Subject: [SCA-Milliners] my project and some questions
      To: SCA-Milliners@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, October 31, 2008, 10:12 PM

      I am working on my first period style hat. I found an article online,
      and used that information to start constructing my hat. It's a small
      hennin. I'm using a small wicker basket as a base, kind of like a
      miniature trash can shape. I've steamed it and squeezed it so it's a
      little more oblong, instead of round and covered it with quilt
      battings, so when I put fabric over it, the wicker weaver isn't
      I know I'm probably opening a can of worms by asking this, but how
      important is it to use historically accurate materials to make some of
      these hats that require a framework, as hennins do? I guess where I'm
      going with this is, I would like to make some hennin or other
      framework based hats to sell. To me, I'd be more interested in it
      having the right "look" as rather then what it was made with
      underneath. I'd also be more interested in a hat that travels well
      and wouldn't loose it's shape if it got wet. I think, and this is
      only my personal opinion, that probably back in the middle ages when
      these hats were worn, chances are many ladies seldom traveled and they
      didn't have to worry about how to pack their steeple hennin! I would
      like to try and use plastic cross-stitch canvas, pillowform foam and
      other similar types of modern materials. I just loved the "nerf ball"
      horned headdress I found in the message archives.
      So, I'm not trying to start a big debate over historical accurancy
      using period materials versus modern. What I'm looking for, is
      hearing from people as to what they have found to be the pros and cons
      of the materials they personally have used to construct framework hats
      out of. Like I said earlier, I think modern materials would be
      preferable to me as I live in an isolated area and would have to
      travel at least 5 hours one way to get to a semi-major event and
      packability and hardiness wins out over waxed linen or other fragile
      materials. I'm sure others have reasons why they wouldn't use foam or
      plastic canvas and I would love to hear what problems they experienced
      working with those materials.
      So I guess my first question is whether people would wear a hat that
      looked accurate, but was made out of modern materials. My second
      question is more of a census of what materials people have tried to
      build a hennin with, and what they felt the pros and cons were.

      Yours in Service,

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