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3763Re: [SCA-Milliners] Re: houppelande hat (larger source images)

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  • Cynthia Virtue
    Jan 10, 2008
      > I'm betting it isn't. :-D What I'm expecting to discover is that it
      > is simplicity itself. (Scanned ahead a bit, and noted some commentary
      > about wire and framework and so forth, and I'm betting that it's
      > either non-existant in that headress, or minimal. Well, time and a
      > bit more experimenting will tell.)
      > It *does* look like fat water buffalo horns; I don't disagree with
      > you, there, but I think the shape that's cut out and then sewn and
      > whatever'd into that "horned" headdress is a slightly elongated
      > oblong, and I was referring to the shape of the piece of fabric, and
      > not the finished three-dimensional shape of the hat/headdress.
      > I'd also assumed that the "cut shape" was what Samia was asking
      > about---my bad if I got that part wrong.

      So are you thinking it is a simple cone, or something like that? A flat
      shape which when you put it on the head, bows out the right way?

      Here are two enlargements of the two paintings, which show the pattern
      embroidered (or whatever) on the horns, and shows the shaping a lot
      better than the tiny picture:



      Middle-class men's clothing enthusiasts will enjoy the man's coat
      shoulder details on the first link, but the second picture is not the
      same construction.

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