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3674Re: [SCA-Milliners] Barbettes

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  • Cindy Myers
    Nov 2, 2007
      Tablet woven bands tend to be stiffer than a single layer of fine
      linen fabric. Do you think this would affect the comfort of a band
      that goes over the head and under the chin like that?

      Personally, I'm doubtful about the chin part being tablet woven when
      linen scraps were abundant in period. (Maybe not abundant for YOU as
      a modern person... but should our modern challenges be used to
      explain what a medieval person -might- have done? I'm not convinced
      with the logic there.) On the other hand, there IS evidence for
      tablet weaving the band around the head, at least in the 14th
      century. Second, there's not much evidence for plain, white, tablet
      weaving with no pattern at all. The width you mention is also rare,
      although not unheard of. All I can say is I'm not convinced - but
      what you do is your own choice! :)

      Related question:

      This isn't a style I normally wear, and the last time I remember
      trying it was a good 6 years ago so I don't have much experience here.

      I probably made mine too tight, because I found my hearing muffled,
      and it was awkward to eat or talk! Not impossible though - it wasn't
      THAT snug, but I didn't want it hanging loose under my chin either. ;)

      Since then I've been wondering if I should have cut the chin band on
      the bias, to allow for a close fit -and- easy movement. How do
      others cut theirs?



      > I'll be doing this project in a soft creamy linen. It is not exactly
      > white if I recall and will be about an inch and a half wide. Don't
      > know if I
      > have enough cards for 2 inches in Linen although I did just buy a
      > new set.
      > If I can get 2 inches on this new lap top loom I bought last
      > weekend it will
      > allow for the little pleat you see about ear hole high on some of the
      > illuminations.
      > Sile
      >> Cool. What sort of thread/fiber do you use? And how wide? My
      >> (sewn) bands are 1" wide for the head and 2" wide for the
      >> barbette, because I have a fat chin. ;)
      >> cv
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