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3645Re: period wire

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  • Helen Honeycutt
    Sep 11, 2007
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      I sort of cheated by using electricity. I covered
      some (several yards) wire by wrapping an end in tape
      till it fit in the chuck of a drill, and drafting
      friends. One to wear cotton gloves and keep the wire
      taut by slowly walking backwards, one to gently run
      the drill (yeay for variable powered cordless
      toys!!!!), and I carefully spooled silk thread onto
      the wire, using one hand to smooth it evenly and the
      other to tension the thread. It actually took longer
      to set up than to do, I wish I had thought of using
      silk ribbon though, I could have done it without so
      much help and stress (although the post-wind tea and
      cookies were great)

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