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  • Yvianne
    Jul 1 10:45 AM
      I have quite a collection of veil pins, mostly purchased at

      I have a few sets of veil pins based on extant period sources
      made from drawn brass wire. They are sharpened on one end by
      filing, sanding with sandpaper and a final polish with jewelers
      rouge.The other end of the wire is placed through a small bead
      then wrapped down and around the "pin" a few times to hold the
      bead in place. Though my pins were annealed by heating, they are
      still pretty flexible. I wear them only for special occasions.

      The ones I wear the most have cast pewter ends on them. The
      merchant selling them showed me the mold and explained how she
      uses pliers to break the plastic tops off of quilting pins, then
      places the bare pins in the mold. The hot metal is poured into
      the mold and in a few seconds, a decorative veil pin is removed.

      I found some quilt pins a few years ago with little leaves on the
      end. They look close enough to laurel leaves that I wear them
      sometimes instead of a medallion. I also use them to pin small
      tokens to things at A&S competitions.


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      >I had someone briefly explain who to make veil pins with jewelry
      > wires..I have to go to the craft store tomorrow and was
      > wondering if
      > someone else knew what she was talking about..I read quickly
      > through
      > the search messages but didn't see anything..
      > Madeleine Delacroix
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