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  • Madeleine Delacroix
    Jun 7, 2007
      This is a style of wearing the hair bound to the head with ribbon or
      "tape", or with a benda (a length of silk or linen veil used for
      covering, wrapping round or intertwining with the hair). It is a very
      comfortable way to wear your hair as the weight is evenly distributed
      over the head and the ribbons create a soft way of attachment. I have
      found evidence of this style from the mid-1300s through around 1600.
      The only evidence I have found of this style anywhere outside Italy is
      in France in the 16th century (I have included 2 examples of this).
      All my research consisted of pictorial evidence, I have not found any
      evidence in writing. I have also never come across anyone else's
      research on this subject. I welcome any feedback on my research.

      I should have just copied the address for you to see what it looks
      like..I wish I had longer hair..

      "unclrashid" <unclrashid@...> wrote:

      > What's benda? Google told me he is a 17th century composer, and that's
      > all I could find.
      > Rashid
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