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3489Re: Elizabethan pillbox hats

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  • Madeleine Delacroix
    Mar 20, 2007
      I stopped loaning out expensive books for that same
      reason..anyway..I add another pic, under hats and garb, I think and
      I may be wrong, that this woman is wearing a brimless with a
      veil.She was one of Queen Catherine's ladies in waiting, and
      Catherine died in 1589, so timing is right..although my group
      doesn't snip about garb, I would like to get it right..and I have
      always thought this style was cute..

      "Christine Taylor" <christine@...> wrote:
      > You are more than welcome! I do not have larger photos, although I
      see that
      > another poster has images and information on the Little Sampford
      hat. (Thank
      > you!)
      > I'm about to launch into a new French hood. I made one years ago
      and really
      > liked how it turned out, but I loaned it out and it was lost.
      > (Friend who borrowed it: "I gave it back to your husband!"
      Husband: "She
      > never gave me anything!") Whatever. It's still Grrrr.
      > Caitlin
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      > Sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to say thank you for
      > your documentation. I love learning what other people have
      found. :)
      > You don't happen to have an image of the hat they found at the
      > Sampford Church in Essex, by any chance? It would be interesting
      > see what it looks like.
      > It would be also interesting to see the Mary Queen of Scots and
      > Marguerite de Valois portraits in larger scale so you could see
      > of the detail. Any idea what age Princess Marguerite was at the
      > of the portrait?
      > Honestly, I can't see enough of the first "Unknown English lady"
      > Elizabeth I portraits to know what they may be wearing.
      > I am willing to buy the argument that these might have evolved out
      > French hoods, especially looking at the shaping of the ones in
      > illustrations you provide.
      > I think the 1575-80 Met portrait is probably the best argument
      > seen for the pillbox-veil combination you frequently see in the
      > I'll stash that away for the next time somebody asks about
      > hats. Thank you!
      > Selene (just some random thoughts pre-coffee)
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