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3476RE: [SCA-Milliners] Elizabethan pillbox hats

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  • Christine Taylor
    Mar 14, 2007
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      There is a type of "pillbox" for this time period that I believe evolved
      from the French hood. I refer to it as a "French brimless hat" but that's
      probably just me. They are very pretty: more substantial than the usual Ren
      Faire version, but similar in look. I wrote a short documentation with
      pictures on these hats as a PDF here:


      Good luck!


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      Ok, another question..does anyone have an idea of when the pillbox hat
      was used..one source says Elizabethan pillbox
      hats..1550's,another..1570ish..and yet another very late period..my
      persona is French 1580, I am making a loose gown and kirtle from the
      Janet Arnold book, and since there isn't a head on the drawing I would
      also like one of the pillboxes, but only if it would have been
      used..thanks in advance
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