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3334Re: OT-dickens-esque bonnet

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  • borderlands15213
    Oct 3, 2006
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      You've set us (or me, at least) a puzzle. There used to be more
      instructions for this stuff---Victorian millinery---on-line than I'm
      finding at present. Of course, I'm also finding what you mentioned:
      lots of sites selling patterns, or the hats and bonnets themselves.

      Have you looked on-line, via Google or one of the other big engines
      for something like, "instructions Victorian bonnets?"
      Actually, I tried that for you, and came up with something like
      five-hundred-fifty-thousand hits (no kidding, no sarcasm: just a
      fact.) There is this for a two-hour sunbonnet:
      (You may have to cut and paste.) This might not be exactly what
      you're looking for, but I'm hoping it might help you a little bit as a
      very general guide if "bonnet" in this sense is what you want.

      And you've said 1834-1840, but do you have a particular hat or bonnet
      in mind? Could you provide an image, or a detailed description?

      But I do wind up doing some Victorian stuff every autumn/approaching
      Christmastide, and I'd be happy to share notes or thoughts with
      you---off list, unless the list-mom says it's okay to continue this
      out-of-period thread on list.

      Yseult the Gentle

      --- In SCA-Milliners@yahoogroups.com, "HL Melisenda Alix de la Croix"
      <MdmMalice1@...> wrote:
      > Hello!
      > This is way past period, but I am looking for some help. My mom's
      > choir is performing for Christmas and I zigged when I should have
      > zagged, so now I am making her outfit. And by November 17th.
      > I am looking for information on creating the 1834-1840's bonnet. I've
      > found a web site that will sell me a pattern for it. But I'm hoping to
      > find information that won't cost me.
      > I've dug out my reference books and have a good idea of what this is
      > supposed to look like, but how it's put together... that's another
      > story.
      > So.... any information would be welcome.
      > Thank you!
      > Melisenda Alix
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