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3276RE: [SCA-Milliners] Re: broad-brimmed hats, WAS: 'ello all, could someone point me in the right dire

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  • Elizabeth
    Sep 7, 2006
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      I'll contact the globe and ask them

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      someone point me in the right dire

      I just read something on-line about Elizabethan superstitions, and it said
      the eyes in the peacock feathers were thought to be the 'evil eye', and
      Elizabethans didn't wear them. And, though I haven't gone searching since
      then, I don't recall any images with Elizabethans having them in fans or

      Has anyone else?

      Dawn Malmstrom <dawn@...> wrote:

      > Would a 16th C Englishman use ostrich though? I would have thought
      peacock, or pheasant, or some European bird would be easier to come by.

      That depends on their status. Ostridges where known of in Elizabethan
      England, and their feathers were higly prized. Now they would have no
      idea about emus as they are from your parts. (Is it just me, emus
      always remind me of rockstars having bad hair days)

      Here is a quote from Shakespeare


      The white feathers when fighting would work to distract the opponent.
      If you were to use a cape, I'd suggest using contrasting light and
      dark exterior to lining for the same effect.

      > I have a feeling I've seen the broad-brimmed cavalier hats elsewhere
      > though... something is saying to me "Landsknecht!"
      > Regards,
      > Rebecca

      I think your right.

      Donata Bonacorsi

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