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3271Re: 'ello all, could someone point me in the right direction

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  • Dawn Malmstrom
    Sep 6, 2006
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      > you spoke of a felt hat blank do you know where one of those may be
      > bought? thankyou for your input.
      > for honor and glory
      > Alec Hunter

      If you use any search engine (like google or yahoo) and type in "hat
      blanks" there are pages and pages of merchants that sell both sized
      and unsized felt hat blanks. They vary in price and quality, fur felt
      will last much longer than wool felt. The feathers I have seen used
      with these are generally ostridge, again easy to find through google.

      One caveat for you to know, I am unfamiliar with that style, as it is
      commonly worn, being terribly period for late period English. Being
      someone brought up in the shadow of Hollywood, I have a feeling it has
      more to do with the four musketeer and pirate movies than period
      sources. How about a flat cap? it is easy to sew and is commonly seen
      with feathers. The one used for fighting could be made of lightweight
      leather, with the added size for your helm the brim could be made a
      bit larger.

      I have posted and example for you in the pictures section of the group
      under "Miscellaneous". It is of King Charles IX of France, there are
      similar ones of Edward IV of England, and Philip II of Spain all
      painted within a decade of each other.

      Hope this helps.
      Donata Bonacorsi
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