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3198Re: Trouble with sewing buckram - weird pattern?

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  • cjhtempest
    Jun 3, 2006
      OK, let me make sure I'm understanding...How's this for a plan of attack. Single layer
      pieces of buckram, the fashion fabric, a lining fabric and two layers of quilting/padding
      fabric. Glue the padding to sandwich the buckram. While still damp, shape the pieces into
      the correct 3D puzzle. Hand-sew the buckram pieces together. Machine-sew the fashion
      fabric together, repeat for the lining fabric. Hand-sew the fashion fabric to the topside
      padding (without going all the way through the buckram - ha I think she's got it!) Hand-
      sew the lining fabric to the otherside padding.

      Hmm, I haven't even begun to consider the mechanics of attaching the crown to the brim
      (completed, BTW) but perhaps this is where I can use the tip of bias tape from the other

      Thanks! I'll have a hat worthy of my ridiculously long ostrich feather yet!

      aka Lady Beatrix della Tempesta
      Elizabethan Syngers

      --- In SCA-Milliners@yahoogroups.com, "m d b" <vcairistiona@...> wrote:
      > > What I do is treat the buckram hat as a form to slip-cover, like
      > upholstery.
      > I do pretty much the same, though my latest effort required a lot
      > more handsewing and, because I had to steam the buckram to create a
      > rounder shape, I had to sew the outer layers seperately by hand and
      > ease them over the curve.
      > The fact it was covered in pearls and sequins was another issue:
      > http://costumes.glittersweet.com/sca/k/2cleveshat.htm
      > buckram base sewn together, felt padding cover, then lining and shell
      > fabrics, all sewn on seperately.
      > You can also see I "quilted" a layer of felt to a layer of buckram
      > for the "lappets" which is another option for extra stability between
      > those two layers.
      > So perhaps you could machine the the two pieces of buckram, hand sew
      > those together and make the outerlayer seperately. I would recommend
      > a padding. You can tack the outerlayers to it to stop them twisting
      > about for one.
      > If you use a layer of felt inside and out you may find you only need
      > one layer of backram anyway. I know how hard it can be to sew through
      > two layers. I have bent a few needles on the above project;)
      > Willemyne van Nymegen/Michaela de Bruce
      > http://glittersweet.com
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