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3195Trouble with sewing buckram - weird pattern?

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  • cjhtempest
    Jun 1, 2006
      Greetings from a newbie!

      Quick intro, then to the quandary: I currently sing with a madrigal group and this has
      reawakened my interest in creating my own garb, especially hats! While not currently a
      SCAdian, I used to attend events and dance practice regularly. My sewing skills are
      mediocre at best, but I make up for it in determination! I've made about a dozen hats so
      far - flat hats, cauls and italian bonnets.

      My quandary: I'm trying to make the cavalier hat from the instructions I found here
      But I'm running into problems at the point of attaching the crown pieces together. I just
      can't get the needle through two layers of heavy buckram and one layer of fashion fabric.
      Or if I do manage to force the needle through, the stitches aren't consistent and look
      horrible and loose. I can't imagine trying to do this with a machine!

      I *am* using a heavy curved milliners' needle.

      Should I take out one of the layers of buckram and try again? Is this "free" pattern worth
      what I paid for it? (I've found errors in his flat cap instructions but survived to make a
      decent hat anyway.)

      Advice or sympathy appreciated!

      aka Lady Beatrix della Tempesta
      Elizabethan Syngers
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