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  • amazon@caerthe.org
    Oct 3, 1999
      I am happy to see new people signing on. Welcome to Milliners!
      I'm having a little trouble getting posts to go out so if you
      receive this, would you please post "Hi' or something.
      May I also ask for a brief bio and something about your career
      as a milliner?
      (SCA persona) 15c Irish wearing Burgundian style houppelandes.
      This is one of the greatest hat periods in history. I'm really
      just getting started and find not only the styles but the "why"
      behind the styles fascinating.
      See you at Outlands A&S on October 9th. The Guild expects to have a
      display of over 40 hats from many periods as well as a presentation
      on French Hoods.

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