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2695Re: [SCA-Milliners] wimple/veiling question

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  • Naomi Banta
    Jun 1, 2005
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      I'm threatening to start a medieval hat shop actually.... Mainly because I
      am good at hat making (I am the one who is known for things like cauls and
      headrolls and stuff like that...). I've done two A&S projects and both
      have dealt with caps -- 16th century in that case... One caul and the one
      mysterious cap that I had later found that my question was all the way out
      on the Calontir textile's list. (I'm Midrealm)

      I'm hoping that maybe some A&S night I can do some stuff on medieval hats --
      I'll talk to our MOAS -- she's really cool, but I never want to presume too
      much, have only been involved in the society a little more then a year...

      Constance, who got her membership card yesterday YAY ME!

      "Doesn't anyone respect the traditional captive/captor relationship
      -- Drakken, "Kim Possible: SO the Drama"
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