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2686Re: [SCA-Milliners] Long hair (was: wimple/veiling question)

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  • Andi Pennell
    Jun 1, 2005
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      On 6/1/05, Cynthia Virtue <cvirtue@...> wrote:
      > Julie wrote:
      > > Oops - sorry if I started something. I have waist length hair and
      > > hubby likes long hair. Is there an appropriate headcovering for a
      > > married women where her hair is visible?
      > If you need to convince a sweetheart, may I suggest
      > getting snuggly while wearing the headcovering? I'm sure your
      > imaginations can take it from there.

      I can totally back this up. My husband didn't really care one way or
      the other when I began covering my hair appropriately for my 16th
      century clothes, but once he realized he was the only one who got to
      see/touch my hair that day, he started to really like it. Of course
      we're both huge geeks and a little odd anyway.

      -Abigail Pinel
      (Andi Scott)
      Shire of the Shadowlands
      Ansteorra (College Station, Texas)
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