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2684Re: [SCA-Milliners] Long hair (was: wimple/veiling question)

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  • Cynthia Virtue
    Jun 1, 2005
      Julie wrote:
      > Oops - sorry if I started something. I have waist length hair and
      > hubby likes long hair. Is there an appropriate headcovering for a
      > married women where her hair is visible?

      No bare heads for northern Europe in the middle ages, unless you're
      Queen or a Saint, or a child.

      There's braided and updos of various sorts for Italian Ren and later,

      > I have plans for the coffee filter hat, but isn't a caul worn with
      > that?

      Not always. The Manesse codex shows loose hair on some of the ladies.
      I don't know their marital status.

      Although I think that the right headcovering is a really good idea, for
      both medieval and practical reasons, I'm not going to scold anyone for
      not wearing it. If you need to convince a sweetheart, may I suggest
      getting snuggly while wearing the headcovering? I'm sure your
      imaginations can take it from there.

      (Rant warning)
      One thing that does bug me though is women of more than 20 years saying
      "I'm not married, so I can have my hair down." By the time you were out
      of your teens, you'd definitely be married, or if not, would be dressing
      modestly to fit in with your age group who were. It's not a valid
      excuse. If you don't want to wear a headcovering, just don't!

      Cynthia Virtue and/or Cynthia du Pre Argent

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