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228Re: [SCA-Milliners] New to the list

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  • kcncress@aol.com
    Feb 9, 2001
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      Maura da Viscopisano wrote:
      "...I am....developing my italian Renaissance persona
      (1450-1550).  I am wondering what sort of headpieces would be best for my

      I am so fascinated with the headware of this period! I'm currently working
      on a facimile of a style depicted by Ristratto D'Ignota. (Wish I had the
      oneline info to direct you to this painting..)

      It appears that hair was "stuck" up much like the styles of today. Hair may
      have been very long, so was bound with ribbons, sometimes braiding ribbons
      into the hair, then the braid or ponytail was fashioned around the head, and
      bound or pinned in place. Under this configuration is a delicate sheer "cap"
      of some sort that is worn well back on the crown, is straight at the nape,
      and covers the ears. Some Italian pictures clearly show the cap coming
      fairly far forward to the hairline, but only in a thin angled piece that
      bares the temples and the portion of the head above the ears. The ears are
      always covered with very sheer fabric that angles back sharply to the very
      tip of the crown of the head. (Is this an effect of the "ears as sex organs"
      laws, I wonder?)

      All in all, a tiny cap, fake hair bound with ribbons and pearls, and to top
      it all off a string of pearls pinned to a "V" at the center front of your
      hairline. Think hot dry summers--the get my hair off my neck feeling. I'm
      also fairly certain there was no symmetry to the hair style.

      Have fun with it!!!

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