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2096Re: Hairpins

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  • Carol E. Newby
    Jul 2, 2004
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      > A friend had double-helix hairpins, metal. But I've never seen them for
      > sale nor does she remember the name.

      I have a heavy-duty pair of corkscrew hairpins that I think are similar to
      what you're describing. I bought mine years ago at a drug or grocery store
      but I don't remember the brand. They were sold in pairs and even at it's
      heaviest one pair is enough to hold a bun where I place it on my head.
      (I'm another one with problems with buns and ponytails slipping down the
      back of my head. ;) The wire is much heavier than standard hairpins and
      you twist or 'screw' the hairpin into your hair and reverse the twist to
      take them out. If I ever see them for sale again, I'll definately buy a
      few more pairs.


      Carol E. Newby Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld, OP
      ladybug@... http://www.neei.com/~ladybug

      "Act well your part, there all honor lies."
      ~ William Shakespeare
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