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2090Re: make your own hairpins!

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  • brattboy.rm
    Jul 2, 2004
      --- In SCA-Milliners@yahoogroups.com, "Maura Folsom" <jauncourt@v...>
      > much discussion of the (lack of) merits of commercial hairpins snipped.
      > Me? I break plastic hair devices of all stripes. I gave up on plastic
      > chignon pins and hairsticks eons ago. The regular u-shaped wire
      > hairpins that you can find, even 'heavy' ones, don't last long in my
      > hair, because they are made of cheaper metal than they used to be
      > (though I've occasionally found packs of older-style HEAVY wire pins
      > here in Texas, land of old women with BIG hair), eventually bending
      > out to 90 degree angles in my heavy hair. Clip barrettes just pop off
      > in pieces, as do spring barrettes.
      > Anyway. Enough with the complaining ;)
      > My favorite hairpins are a set made by a wireworker freind some 10 (It
      > can't be 10, can it? Oh, god, yes, it can...) years ago. They are
      > about the size of the weak wimpy plastic chignon pins, and a similar
      > knobbly shape. They are made of 16 gauge (I think...) brass rod, and
      > have slightly sharper curves and less rounded head-loops. They were
      > work-hardened by being hammered flat (but not thin, just slightly
      > flattened), which rendered them stiff but still flexible, and geve a
      > very slight curve. The ends are filed to gentle rounded points and
      > polished smooth so as not to catch hair.
      > There were 8 or so to start, and I've got about 3 of the original set
      > still. None ever broke, or fell out of my hair. The missing ones got
      > lost when they fell behind furniture or out of a basket at events. I
      > eventually made some replacements, including a few longer ones, but
      > they have mostly gone the way of the originals. Time to make more.
      > If you know a wireworker or jeweler or armorer who is willing, you
      > could easily have a set of uber-hairpins that can survive your hair too.
      > Marg.

      What would you recommend for someone with the opposite problem? I've
      tried the hair pins that one can purchase at SCA/Ren events and they
      just fall out due to my hair being so fine and not course enough to
      keep them in.

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