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2088Re: [SCA-Milliners] Hairstyling woes

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  • Cindy Myers
    Jul 2, 2004
      Hi all!

      I'm imagining a Milliner's meet-n-greet where we all sit around with
      combs and pins and "do" each other's hair. :) I sure could stand to
      have some help! (And lots of mirrors, yeah...)

      The Italian hair taping idea sounded like a great way to incorporate
      fake hair. It's the first time I can visualize how to attach the fake
      hair to the real hair, and make it look "seamless". Of course...
      someone else would have to do it for me! (And... wouldn't it look all
      wrong with my 14th c. English stuff?)

      Along with sitting around and doing each other's hair, I'd love a
      chance to play with all these different head covering ideas with
      someone who knows how to wear it properly! (And honest opinions so we
      can avoid the unflattering styles...)

      Maybe we need a Mad-Hatter's Tea Party, or something. :)

      --Emmelyne --> short on sleep lately.
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