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2084Re: Re: [SCA-Milliners] was: Hairstyles now: long hair vs. short

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  • danabren@verizon.net
    Jul 2 4:44 AM
      > What's the brand name? Do they stay in well? Cause my hair laughs at
      > anything I put in it--ponytail bands, bobby pins, whatever--it just slides
      > right out!
      > I just accidentally typed booby pin instead of bobby pin...ouch....
      > Laurensa

      I THINK that they're Scuncii (?) brand, got 'em at KMart. They look like bobby pins that have been bent around a dowel and have some strong angles in them. Available in black and brown. They're amazing, and Ys has stolen quite a few over the past 2 years.

      And we all know where YOUR mind is, Laurensa....


      ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^
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