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2081Re: RE: [SCA-Milliners] was: Hairstyles now: long hair vs. short

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  • danabren@verizon.net
    Jul 2 12:28 AM
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      > I'd also appreciate any hints or suggestions for braiding your hair
      > "right". I'd also welcome any tips on dealing with the weight from wearing
      > a lot of hair up for a long period of time. (Short of cutting off some of
      > it, which I'm serious considering any ways. ;)
      > Elspeth

      "Right" depends entirely upon what period and country you are wearing. If you're doing Norman, then "right" are braids, or woven plaits. If 12th, then putting your hair in a low bun at the nape of your neck with a hairnet and a combination of veil, chinstrap (barbette), and/or stiffened headband or cap (fillet) is "right" (either a ponytail or a braid coiled into the bun). Sideless surcoats it's cauls and templars, where your hair is tightly braided from the temple into coils or loops to fit into the headdresses (or nicely hidden in it's lack by the existence of the headdresses themselves). Cotehardies were recently covered by our own girl genius Lady Mathilde :) For heart-shaped hennin you can have a single braid down your back or hair coils like horns (yay hairspray!), butterfly and steeple hennin call for buns to hold them in place, and french hoods most likely use a style similar in shape to hair taping (tight slender braids wrapped and fastened securely around the head as an anchor, or a ledge of braids sat far back on the skull as a "seat")

      I am, of course, generalizing, and skipping quite a few styles centuries and countries. But there is no "right" for the middle ages. There is "right" for country, year, silohuette. Man do I sound like Yoda :)

      What styles do you normally find yourself in? It will be easier to answer your question that way.


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