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1831Re: [SCA-Milliners] re: Hats question

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  • jennifer jackson
    Apr 1, 2004
      Hey there, thought I would chime in..I agree the men
      in beanies do look like clergy to me... but is it me
      or does the green hat and the funky red poof one look
      like they have dagging? Could it be a dagged hat that
      has been reversed so to say. I am only speculating,
      but if you were to take a padded roll hat with all of
      the dagging and flip it up side down all of the
      dagging would be forced up through the center making
      it spill out. This doesn't explain why the lady's is
      sooo poofed though. IF there were "tails to these
      rolls could she have wrapped it around the dags making
      them stand up?
      just curious, I have made a padded roll but never with
      the dags or tail, so I am only guessing
      --- Cynthia Virtue <cvirtue@...> wrote:
      > Hope Greenberg wrote:
      > > http://www.uvm.edu/~hag/sca/images/rmf.jpg
      > Thanks!
      > That's very interesting. The bowl cut hair is
      > fairly clear on some of
      > those, and not looking like the poufy red thing on
      > the lady that started
      > this.
      > One thing that sets my alarm bells off: on the
      > fourth one with the man
      > in red and blue parti, he appears to be wearing a
      > stuffed roll. I have
      > *never* seen a man in a naked stuffed roll. I
      > tentatively conclude that
      > it's not a stuffed roll. It's against my religion.
      > ;)
      > Which means that the women in apparently identical
      > naked stuffed rolls
      > over the coify things are likewise in doubt.
      > I note that all the men with dark beanies have
      > furred cowls; maybe these
      > are churchmen?
      > --
      > Cynthia Virtue and/or
      > Cynthia du Pr� Argent
      > Memory is the second thing that goes, right after
      > something else, but I
      > can't remember what. -- Mike Andrews

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