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162Re: elizabethan coif question

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  • Danielle Nunn-Weinberg
    Jan 9, 2001

      --- In SCA-Milliners@egroups.com, JM Kessler <jmkessler1@h...> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I have a question about spangles/sequins. I was looking at a
      picture of
      > an elizabethan black worked coif in "Queen Elizabeth's Closet" and
      > noticed that there were (what they called) spangles on it. I had
      > seen (in person) another coif, a few years ago, at the Folger
      > Shakespeare Museum in Washington DC which also had spangles. It was
      > under glass, so I couldn't get too close a look.
      > Just by chance at the Lakewood Lions Ren Fair in Carillion, I
      met a
      > vendor who had spangle like pieces of amber. Small round pieces of
      > cut into wafer thin slices. I bought a small bag worth, aprox 1-2
      > ounces, and thought they would be good for this.
      > What would have been used in period? I had heard/read
      something about
      > bug wings, is this true?

      I seem to remember hearing something about that at some point as well
      but, I can't say about it's validity. However, I do know that fish
      scales were used as spangles (I've seen photos in a Danish needlework
      book). I do know that http://www.5rivers.org/ was carrying real gold
      spangles. I belive Hedgehog Handworks was carrying them as well.

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