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1534Suitable fake hair/headgear ideas needed

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  • sallypointer
    Jan 3, 2004
      I've just been given some beautiful alpaca (ok, so its not very
      medieval, but it does make great fake hair) fibre in almost exactly
      the same colour as my own hair, so I'm finally going to make a head-
      dress and fake hair to go with my posh frock (the red-dress, here

      Mostly it gets worn down at the medieval village which hovers around
      1370, but I want it to stretch as far forwards as possible too as
      very few people round here actually do fourteenth century, so
      something 'coming in' around then would be better than
      something 'going out' if that makes sense.

      I've toyed with the idea of braid filled cauls- himself is a good
      jeweller and can help me with the metalwork, but I'm open to ideas.