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  • Red Dog
    Dec 5, 1999
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      Greetings, well met, and Hi there,

      I've started an E-Mail list for SCA related silliness, partially because I'm
      to lazy to dig through all the other SCA news groups and E-Lists for good
      jokes, but mainly because everyone else might like to have all the Scadian
      Funny papers in one easy to access place. Preferably right next to the privy

      I would like to invite you all to join in on the yucks at SCA-HUMOR!

      A not so brief description follows:

      This list is the repository for jokes, jests, jibes, quips, and humor
      stories about and within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Just the
      yucks folks!
      From the infamous *You know your in the SCA when* list, to Scadian bumper
      sticker slogans, and personal SCA anecdotes. We intend to poke fun at the
      Society and ourselves for making this all encompassing *hobby* such a
      permanent part of our lives. As the SCA covers nearly every aspect of our
      lives so shall the jokes. If your offended by a little risqu� language then
      chances are this list might not be for you. We'll try to keep it as clean
      and tong in cheek as possible but we can make no promises. With that sed,
      pull up a chair to the campfire and enjoy yourselves!

      You can join this community by going to the following web page:


      Or you can join by sending email to the following address:


      If you do not wish to join this community, please ignore this message.


      Red Dog