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Re: You Rang?

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  • Aelfwyn@aol.com
    In a message dated 2/14/00 12:17:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, Newbrg@aol.com writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2000
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      << That said, here's another topic for discussion. How about qualifying
      levels, or whatever they're called? For instance (strictly to start
      discussion -- I haven't thought them all the way through yet): >>

      First, thank you for volunteering to handle a newsletter for our group! And I
      LOVE the idea of making them notebook page size. Yahoo!
      Now on to the discussion of Levels or Rankings. I am a past member of the
      East Kingdom's needlework guild. Been doing all types of needlework for
      years, long before I met the SCA. Yet I never achieved any form of ranking in
      the guild. To do ranks or levels the person seeking rank must show their work
      to a panel of other advanced guild members. I live in Maine and am not able
      to do a lot of travel to events more than 2-3 hours away. Most of the
      needlework panels are held at events in NY, which is 5-6+ hours from me. The
      one year I did attend a guild meeting at Pennsic with needlework in hand I
      was met with "Oh, you don't want us to do a panel NOW, do you?" See why I'm a
      past member? Since we have all ready found that some very interested folks on
      this list live in some pretty far flung areas, we need to find a way to not
      exclude members because they don't happen to live in close proximity. And to
      keep some probably very knowledgeable people in the proper rank/level. Just
      my 2 cents worth.
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