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Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Classes for Gulf Wars

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  • Marta McCarthy
    Greetings! OK. So I have the 3 classes. Monday 8 am 1. Herbarium. Introduction to historical and current herbarium practices. Instructions for collecting,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7 3:41 PM
    OK.  So I have the 3 classes.
    Monday 8 am
    1.  Herbarium.  Introduction to historical and current herbarium practices.  Instructions for collecting, pressing and mounting specimens.  Several small herbarium presses available free, made from recycled materials.  Class limit 16.  Unlimited observers.  Any age, small children with supervision please.  Free.  1 hr.

    Tuesday 8 am (2 hrs) and Friday (1/2 hr) anytime you want--early morning best
    2.  Cold soap processing with botanicals.  Cooperative making of soap. Students will take home 2 bars of soap with their choice of botanicals available. Short lecture then completely hands on. Class limit 16.  Ages 18 and older ONLY,  as caustic materials will be used.  Adult observers welcome, but must allow students room to work.   Class meets both Tuesday (2 hrs) and Friday (1/2 hr).  $5 fee
    Morin--for 1st aid class, I have been teaching how to make a couple of salves (comfrey, arnica, calendula) when I taught class in Trimaris. Students got to make the salve themselves and take it home.  I also have the makings of tinctures.  If no one else teaches the salves, or if you think it would be nice to have this  as part of my class, then let me know, and we can make this a 2 hour class.  Otherwise, I can take 1 hour to review the herbs and show them my first aid kit. Let me know as soon as possible so I can get all the ingredients into student batches.
    Wednesday 8 am--1 hr
    3. Herbal First Aid kit.  Samples of components of a first aid kit comprising of essential oils, salves, tinctures, salves and other forms of herbal preparations.  Free, 16 handouts, unlimited observers.   Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian.
    Wednesday 8 am--2 hrs
    3. Herbal First Aid class.  Samples of  components of a first aid kit comprising of essential oils, tinctures, salves and other forms of herbal preparations.  Participants will make a salve and start a tincture to take home.  Ages 18 and older only.  Limited to 16 participants, unlimited observers. $8 fee.
    Attached with this email is soapmaking class handout.  I will send the other ones separately so there is less confusion.

    On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 4:08 PM, Joyce Zeiler <joycehzeiler@...> wrote:

    Only 60 odd days left till war!!

    I am still in need of teachers for Herbal/Botanical classes at Gulf Wars.  If you are interested, or know anyone who is,  please contact me and I will get you on the schedule.  The deadline for printing the classes in the booklet is Jan. 30.

    Morin inghen Ruairc

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