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Re: [SCA-Herbalist] sources for A&S documentation--herbal category???

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  • Hope Bryant
    I can speak of honey use, as I use it in my teas all the time. The first thing is that honey is sweeter then sugar, by a lot. Also it can meld with or
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 22, 2012
      I can speak of honey use, as I use it in my teas all the time. The first thing is that honey is sweeter then sugar, by a lot. Also it can meld with or overpower certain flavors depending on the honey's flavor type or how much you use. Don't forget too, that it doesn't "melt" into the hot tea the same way sugar does and needs to be stirred a bit. Otherwise you'll get a "gradient" in sweetness and honey flavor the closer to the bottom of the cup/pot you go.

      Certain flavors that are very strong, often mesh well with honey as they tend to balance each other out. However some flavors do not take well to honey's personal flavor. I'm not too fond of mint and honey, or any bergamont-like flavor and honey, for example. However, this may be a personal choice issue as well.

       I cannot drink Chamomile, as I am allergic to rag weed and it is a close enough cousin to trigger a mild throat swelling when I do drink it - thus I cannot attest to how it's flavor is effected by Honey.

      Also, store-bought honey has been "processed" so much as to render it a specific color and flavor that is "consistent" for public consumption. Honey that has been less processed retains more of it's natural flavors (as it often has more of it's original inclusions still in it). The most period-like honey you'll find is from a local bee-keeper who strains their own honey. If you ask around your barony, or local farmers markets, you'll eventually find a few leads. :)

      Also be aware that some folks may have allergies to less processed honey. :)

      Ilse (Hope)

      On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 1:19 PM, Lady Biya <aisinbiya@...> wrote:
      Hello all.  I'm not the most advanced in the craft of period
      herbalism--or gardening--I'm rather better at killing plants than
      growing them.

      That said, I really appreciate the wisdom, skills, and period
      knowledge of this guild, especially those who don't mind that I have
      so much to learn!

      My new barony in western PA is holding a tea brewing competition in
      early June.  Since joining the guild, I've been really enjoying
      brewing herbal teas with my infuser and would like to enter.

      But the one area I know absolutely nothing about are the period
      sources.  English lavender and chamomile tastes good and really helps
      with my migraine--but I am clueless what sources I can/should use to
      document that lavender tea or chamomile for that matter is period, how
      they used these herbs in period, and so forth.

      I've seen so many amazing herbal entries on A&S tables--but have no
      clue where to begin trying to put together my first herbal entry.

      Please teach me what to do and how to do it!

      I'd like to have more to my documentation than simply "it's made of
      english lavender and chamomile."

      The competition requires us to brew a full quart.  I've been using
      sugar with this but would like to try the more period honey.  What are
      your experiences with honey verses sugar and how the honey affects the
      taste of chamomile and/or lavender???

      -- Lady Biya
      Laurel A Rockefeller


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      Hope Bryant
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