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Re: [SCA-Herbalist] I can't find my previous post blood pressure

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  • Amy Provost
    I m surprised you didn t mention hawthorn... ... -- www.crookedwall.org www.bthumbstudios.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 15, 2011
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      I'm surprised you didn't mention hawthorn...

      On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 12:40 PM, dragonod2002 <dragonod2002@...> wrote:

      I found this on another group about if you have high blood pressure, mine's mild and it helps me, it doesn't taste fantastic, but it doesn't taste like valerian smells either.

      This is from another group:
      Written by Lighthouse Herbs

      Some of us are unfortunate to have high blood pressure, as my self included. Cooking with spices and herbs help a great deal. Omitting salt is a big factor. I take my tincture which is on my how to's to make. But I also use and make teas from my spices in between off sets accruing.Here are the spices you can us as a tea when that happens.

      Curry, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, basil, chili powder, cloves, dill weed, marjoram, nutmeg, poultry seasoning, bay leaf, red pepper, cinnamon, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, ginger, rosemary.

      Cinnamon can lower blood pressure in hypertensive people. cinnamon is known to reduce blood glucose level also it taste like sugar. Cinnamon, all spice and cayenne pepper assist in controlling blood circulation through out the body, than helps transport from the center of body to the skin. Garlic is also very important lowing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Use three medium cloves three times a day. Ginger has a substance called, gingerols, it decreases the oxidant substance in the digestive system, which helps keep away from nausea and high blood pressure. Swap the salt with rosemary, and eat curry to fight high blood pressure.

      I mix equal amounts of all these spices shake them well each time I make my tea to drink. I use one teaspoon per cup, let it steep for 5 minutes than sip. I also sprinkle my food with it.

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