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Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Re: New - Herb class

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  • Aly/Cemper
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 8, 2011
      <<My next three classes are all make and takes of syrups, oils and salves. I am wondering if any of you have had any experience with make and take classes and could give me some pointers. I am rather nervous as I am new to teaching and fairly new to the society.>>

      Sounds like you have some great advice and I've taken note for future use too. One piece of advice I would offer is to keep your class moving in some way and avoid over-lecturing. Hands on is great and if you can provide handouts as mentioned, then talk about your herbs whilst students work, your class will be more productive. I teach as a profession and my biggest mistake when I first started with SCA teaching was treating the SCA class like a college classroom. Disaster!! But it was a learning experience. My next classes have all been hands-on whilst I speak which is much more productive and much less of a disaster. I am so lucky that my barony is encouraging and patient :)  Handouts are really really great and I provide "mini-herbals" for my classes so students can refer back and coloured pix in the "mini-herbals" help.
      I would stress that any herb that has a toxic label be used with caution and that any herb that has a toxic label or there is controversy over whether it is truly toxic, i.e. comfrey, you mention the controversy your opinion, then why you are using it or not, just in case.
      I agree that natural does not equal safe. Deadly nightshade is natural and so is hemlock.
      Good luck!

      One cannot silly-walk into Mordor.

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