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  • Rosamistica Tomacelli de Greene
    I taught a class on this at Lilies. I can give you a rough over view, but if you want my full class notes, email me off list (as I don t think the list will
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2011
      I taught a class on this at Lilies. I can give you a rough over view,
      but if you want my full class notes, email me off list (as I don't
      think the list will allow attachments.)

      As a period recipe would most likely be done in parts, that is how I
      will list this. Remember that a part is mearly equal. You choose
      what amount it stands for (ie 1 part is 1 cup or 1 part is 1 tsp)
      depending on how much yield you want.

      Take 1 part beeswax. Melt over low heat. Make sure you have good
      quality beeswax, and not the over processed white stuff.

      When it is melted add 3-4 parts oil (for a stiffer salve, for a softer
      salve add 5-6 parts, but that WILL separate in summer heat).
      Culpepper says that olive oil (extra virgin organic) is the most
      common, but I have a HUGE long list of oils that I can document to
      period including several that have only been recently rediscovered by
      the cosmetic or herbal industry.

      I prefer to use powdered herbs, as I can premix my herbal concoctions.
      Some people prefer to pre infuse the oil. I will give you my way,
      which is period none the less. I add 1 T of dried herb powdered mix
      per cup of base. Reduce the heat and let sit to infuse. It is best
      if you can do this for at least 45 min, though more as long as you are
      keeping the heat really low is fine. You don't want to bake the herbs.

      When you are done, pull off the heat, add any essential oils (and
      there are some that were used in period) and then bottle. Ta da! We
      love the salves that I make and use them all the time.
      Rosamistica Tomacelli de Greene
      Nec timeo, nec sperno.

      Quoting Magdalena <panimagdalena56@...>:

      > Greetings everyone. I looking for a recipe or directions for the
      > base for herbal ointment without using modern ingredients like
      > petroleum jelly. Any guidance you can offer would be appreciated.
      > In Service,
      > Magdalena
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