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Event Announcement - A Shire 12th Night, Barony of Smoking Rocks, EK

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  • Dianaim
    Greetings to the lists, The Auto-crats for this renown event have asked that I put forth this missive for all to see. Her Excellency, Baroness Caitlin Fraser
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2010
      Greetings to the lists,

      The Auto-crats for this renown event have asked that I put forth this missive for all to see.  Her Excellency, Baroness Caitlin Fraser has returned as feast-o-crat for this event.  So plan on good times and fun throughout the day and a very filling feast of food and celebration for the evening.  Please feel free to pass this missive onto other lists, as you see fit. 

      We are already receiving reservations, so if you are planning on attending, please send your reservation in SOON!

      A Shire Twelve Night 1078 – 8 January 2011

      Fairhaven, MA – Barony of Smoking Rocks


      The year comes to a close here in the small demense of Fair Haven Hall.  Travelers and subjects of the manor make the trek to the small Northumbrian hamlet to spend the final day of the Christmastide in music dance, games, merriment and a camaraderie little seen outside the immense oaken doors of the picturesque hall.  But, this year portend to be a little difference.  The Norman lord of the manor has been called to celebrate Yule with his Norman king “William the Conqueror “. This leaves the Chamberlain Cerdic of Corbridge to assemble a traditional Saxon Twelve Night without Norman interference.  Do not believe the old crazy woman in the corner, who keep saying the Lord of the Manor will be back.  The manor has opened the doors, by tradition, to Saxon and traveler alike (and Normans I guess).  The Chamberlain has yet again assembled such merriment  to make light of the cold winter weather and warm the heart.  The Chamberlain has taken on an assistant , Malcolum De Bruis, as his eye do not see as clear as they use to.


                  This is the event that is unlike any other SCA event you may have ever attended. The site boasts an actual great hall complete with walk in fireplace high wainscoting decorated with frescos of English coast of arms. From the carved angels that decorate the oaken rafters to the granite walls and immense doors this is the timeless place where your suspension of disbelief may come true. A reminder as we are under the Peace of God that day.  No fighting is allowed outside the game to be played.


      The day begins with the greeting at the door by the Chamberlain and the sitting of the lord and lady of misrule. The day’s festivities begin with live music and dance, period games including a version of bobbing for apples that is not for the faint of heart or weak of limb!  A feast will be served in the manner of the time and place. With course after course of gastronomic pleasure that leaves the tables groaning and the guests over stuffed add this to a puppet show (guests encouraged to participate!) And a morality play during the feast (again let your inner thespian out!) 


      The Event is time specific to 1075 or so and guest are asked to dress for that period to help complete the ambiance of the day. We are trying to operate on a Ten-Foot Rule. Which means to a reasonably educated person you would appear to be someone who may have lived at that time. To this end changing into garb and modern items are to be placed in the changing rooms set outside the great hall and that purely modern discussion be kept to a minimum. (No one may enter the main hall in mundane clothing) Come try you hand at medievalism!  Many of the manor folk will be staying in persona for the day so come and chat with them as well!




      The Hall opens to guests at 12:00 PM and closes at 9:00 PM.

      No smoking is allowed in the church halls.

      You may not bring any alcoholic beverages into the church halls.


      The Site Fee is $15.00 per adult, under 16 years of age $10.00 and under 5 years of age is free.

      The Feast Fee is $10.00 per adult, under 16 years of age $8.00, under 6 years of age is $4.00 and children in arms are free.

      No off-board seating available.

      Seating is limited to 100 persons.

      The non-SCA member surcharge is $5 .00.  

      Please make checks payable to "SCA Barony of Smoking Rocks", send to Robert M. Griffiths, Jr., 144 Walker St., Fall River, MA 02770-3800

      Dennis E. Haworth(Baron Cerdic of Colbridge), 314 June Street, Fall River, MA 02720

      Phone: 508-675-1006 or Email: dhaworth@... No calls after 10:00 PM.


      Asst. Chamberlain

      Robert M. Griffiths, Jr.(Lord , Malcolum De Bruis), 144 Walker St., Fall River, MA 02770-3800 Phone 508-646-9707 or Email: tombstonedarock@...  No calls after 9:00PM


      Head Cook:

      Questions about the feast should be directed to Kim Haworth (Baroness Caitlin Frazer) at kmhaworth@... or same contact info as Dennis Haworth.


      Directions to the 12th Night Hall:

      The Unitarian Memorial Church, 102 Green St. Fairhaven MA 02719

      Take 195 East or West to reach Fairhaven, MA (This is adjacent to New Bedford MA)
      Take Exit 18, marked Rte. 240 South Fairhaven
      Go through the first traffic light to the second which is the junction with Rte. 6
      Turn right taking Rte. 6 West Fairhaven
      Go through one traffic light
      Take a left-hand turn at side street marked by a "Mayhew Cleaner" and "Citizen Bank" across from a Burger King. Sign marks it as Washington Street Fairhaven Center.
      Approximately the 10th Street on the left is Green Street. Take a left turn onto Green Street.
      Proceed one block, this is the corner of Center and Green Streets. The Unitarian Memorial Church is on the right.

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