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  • Dana Kramer-Rolls
    It sounds as if Cempetre O Breoniann is on top of this. My advice to my students regarding writing a dissertation or preparing a paper is don t bite off too
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      It sounds as if Cempetre O'Breoniann is on top of this.  My advice to my students regarding writing a dissertation or preparing a paper is don’t bite off too much.  You can’t do everything I one book, or one lecture. You can’t share everything you know all at once, although there is that desire to just pour it out.  What I used to do is bring a bunch of show and tell, as Amaline suggested, but I also took a little herb walk, and there are few places that don’t have something, plantain, a mint or two, or whatever.  So if this is outdoors, scout the site and see if you can do some gathering, no matter how little.  There is a gee-whiz quality to actually collecting stuff, although depending on where you are, you might not trust and plants for use if there has been agricultural spraying. I can’t gather local purslane for that reason.  If indoors, a survey of everything from shampoo to vinegar would be just fine, and better if there was the opportunity for the class to get their hands in and have something to take home. 


      There is always the tension between accessibility and doing full bore documented academic presentation.  Anywhere on the grid is just fine.


      Sir Maythen


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      I did a class on strewing herbs that went quite well.  I think I had something like 20 different bagged herbs that I passed around so everyone could touch and smell, discussing which ones were specifically for pest deterrent and which ones were for the scent alone.

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      Greetings for the West! I usually lurk but have a question. I would like to host a class on medieval herbs (I'm both knowledgeable and have a degree although those alone don't make an expert). What type of ideas are available or even class ideas? Can anyone offer some advice as this would be a first for me outside of academic presentations? I was thinking along the lines of teas, facial treatments, oils, vinegars or even hair treatments...but don't know if I'm in the right direction for SCA.
      Thanks for any input.
      Cempetre O'Breoniann


      One cannot silly-walk into Mordor.



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