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Re: Was: Handcream recipe?

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  • Chaney Wiese
    Post snipped to shorten scroll time. :o)
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      Post snipped to  shorten scroll time. :o)
      <"I do, however have a suggestion for the seeker of information: Many years ago, when I was in my teens (am now 41), my father used to ask me to amend some lanolin creme (lanolin is a sheeps wool byproduct).. . I would add distilled water to it until it became opaque. But I believe that you would be able to add whatever essential oils you wished to to make it smell nicer, as well as to add to the lanolin's moisturizing qualities. I cannot tell you where to find lanolin, only that my dad got it at a pharmacy. The reason to use distilled water as opposed to tap water is the simple fact that tap water contains minerals and other stuff, and will change the ph of the resulting creme."

      Just trying to be helpful,
      Edwyna Alwynne >
      100% pure Lanolin can be purchased at whole foods.  It's what I use for my healing and massage ointments.  I have yet to use it for creams, but I think it would work well as my hands are allways soft and smoth after working with it.
      Morgiana of the Outlands!

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