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Project Idea--Herb Images

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  • Sharon Gordon
    This announcement was in the SCA newletter SCA Today - http://scatoday.net/ Corsair, the online research resource for the Pierpont Morgan Library, makes
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2005
      This announcement was in the SCA newletter
      SCA Today - http://scatoday.net/
      "Corsair, the online research resource for the Pierpont Morgan Library,
      makes available thousands
      of digital images from the library's medieval and Renaissance manuscript
      The images available include examples from all the major schools and are
      accompanied by
      descriptions." Site at:

      The library also has a search feature. In using it, I discovered that the
      images are sometimes partially described. For instance some of the plants
      or flowers in a border will be listed specifically, other times as flowers.
      Items may be listed in English, Latin, or other languages. For example
      dianthus is sometimes listed as dianthus, other times as pinks, and at least
      one time was present but not mentioned.

      Would people from cooking, herbal, and gardening lists be interested in
      going through the images again, and creating an SCA-oriented index that
      names everything we can identify? If so it might be also worth it to
      involve people from other interests as well as there is clothing, armour,
      architecture, a variety of scribally oriented items, animals, religious
      items, landscapes, metal work, jeweled items, and lots more.

      If people think this would be helpful, I think it would be helpful to
      1) A few people who could send a link for a page to specific SCA-topic
      groups depending on what's on a given page. If it has plants, it goes to
      cooks/herbs/gardening. If it also has soldiers and townspeople, it goes to
      garb and armor lists. And the scribes list could also note what colors are
      used, what hand, which letters are illuminated, language of text, perhaps
      subject of text.
      2) Perhaps send out one page a day for consideration. Maybe send out
      Saturday and Sunday on Friday so people offline for weekend events would
      have a chance to see them. Have someone in Europe or East Coast US send out
      the link each day in their morning, so it reaches the most people as early
      as possible.
      3) Have someone who could create a search friendly flexible expanding
      database do the indexing. Have subject indexing and SCA oriented
      meta-categories like herbs, fruits, vegetables, tableware, meals, clothing
      styles, armor, weapons, scribal techniques, descriptions of activities,
      metal working, jewels, garden techniques, pottery, animals, decor, boats,
      stonework, glassware, heraldry, etc.
      4) A couple of people who could host back ups for the database with it being
      remotely backed up at least once a week.
      5) Liason to Pierpont Morgan if they would like to add to their descriptions
      as we id more things or list them more specifically.
      6) 1-3 people for each topic who collect and organize responses from people
      on topical lists. Someone to see if various topical lists are interested in
      helping when a page includes their topic.
      7) An email list where all items for a page are cataloged for final checking
      before going to indexer. A number of detail oriented people who could go
      back over a page to make sure we got everything. I'd suggest at least 15
      people in rotation so any one person would only have 2 pages a month to be
      responsible for.
      8) Someone who can edit for language consistency and create synonyms for
      Both jug/pitcher and vase when a pitcher shaped jug gets used as a vase.

      There is a ton of good detailed images in this collection which would be
      useful across a wide spectrum of SCA interests. Anyone want to go on this
      treasure hunt and help organize the booty?

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