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RE: [SCA-Herbalist] "Stillroom"

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    Thanks for the links, but no, they really don t help. I was looking for specific references using the word in period sources. I have been supplied with a
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      Thanks for the links, but no, they really don't help.  I was looking for specific references using the word in period sources.  I have been supplied with a few, including:
      Also check out cabinets and closets. Folger did an exhibit some years back--
      The Housewife's Rich Cabinet: Remedies, Recipes,& Helpful Hints, by Jean
      Miller, Francie Owens, and Rachel Doggett with an Introduction by
      Heloise. Washington, DC, 1997, 142 pp., 30 illus., paper, $7.95 (plus
      postage and handling). which covered this subject.
      So it could be called Closet or Cabinet Secrets too.
      Johnna Holloway [johnna@...]
      Stillatory, n.
      2. A place where distillery is carried on; a still-room; a still-house, distillery.
      1602 PLAT Delights Ladies Epist. (1611) A3, The Quince, Pomgranate,..Are
      heere maintain'd,..For Ladies closets and their stillatories. 1604 R. CAWDREY Table Alph.,
      Stillatorie, a distilling place. 1624 WOTTON Elem. Archit. I. 8 All Offices that require heat, as
      Kitchins, Stillatories..or the like would be Meridionall. c1710 C. FIENNES Diary (1888) 7 So many
      little buildings apart from each other..one for a stillitory. 1796 Stat. Acc. Scot. XVII. 294 Here is a
      stillatory which pays to the revenue £729 per annum.
      3. attrib. 1561-2 in Rep. Middleton MSS. (Hist. MSS. Comm. 1911) 417 Paied to the
      smythe for makynge and mendynge a locke for the styllytary howse dore. 1586 BRIGHT Melanch. xxvii.
      156 Placed over the rest as a stillitorye helme ouer the bodie.
      There are older uses of the word, but they are specific to a still rather
      than a stillroom. I would suggest "stillatory arts/sciences" if you wish to use a word that
      was used in period.
      Huette von Ahrens [ahrenshav@...]
      But thanks for thinking of me!
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      Does this help?

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