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  • John M. Ostrander, PD, PhD
    In response to the request regarding Cordials ­ from Pharmaceutical Formulas Being the ³Chemists and Druggists Book² of useful recipes for the retail trade.
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      In response to the request regarding Cordials ­ from

      Pharmaceutical Formulas
      Being the
      ³Chemists and Druggists Book²
      of useful recipes for the retail trade.
      Peter MacEwan, Phar. Chem. F.C.S.
      Pub. The Chemist and Druggist - London 1905

      The preparation of these liquors trenches upon fiscal ground, as any of them
      which contains more than the permitted 3 per cent. of proof spirit may not
      be sold retail without a license, nor may such preparations as these or
      soluble essences be made for sale without a compounder's license. This
      observation is introduced here as a caution, so that those who are not
      posted on the matter may satisfy themselves as to the legality of their
      proceedings before beginning.
      For chemists¹ retail the non-excisable representatives of the Œsweets¹ type
      (anis, peppermint, &c.) should be made, and when neatly put up in
      white-glass syrup-bottles, nicely capsuled and suitably labeled, no stock
      article makes the counter-case look brighter in the winter or sells itself
      more quickly. A fine peppermint cordial without any appreciable amount of
      alcohol is obtained by dissolving a small quantity of menthol in rectified
      spirit and adding syrup until the required strength is obtained. A little
      menthol goes a long way. A handsome clove cordial is obtained by digesting
      bruised cloves in syrup until a ruby red color is produces, and then adding
      a small quantity of ol. Caryoph. dissolved in S.V.R.; but for strict
      practice the following formulas should be adopted to ensure uniformity.

      Anise Cordial
      Ol. Anisi 1 1/2 drams
      Spr. Rectificat. 3 ounces
      Mag. Carb. Levis 3 drams
      Aq. Ad 4 Octarious

      Dissolve the oil in the spirit and pour into the water previously mixed with
      the magnesia, shake occasionally, and in four hours filter. Then place in a
      large funnel over two layers of twilled cotton 6 in. square
      Sacch. Alb 4 pounds

      Percolate the filtrate through this until the whole of the sugar is
      dissolved, and make up to 1 gal. With B.P. Syrup

      In a similar manner are made
      Cinnamon Cordial, with 2 drams caramel per gallon.
      Clove Cordial, with 2 drams caramel per gallon.
      Peppermint Cordial, which should be tinted slightly green with chlorophyll.
      The essential oils are used in each case, and in the same proportions as

      End of citation.

      There are additional formulae but many of the ingredient tinctures will be
      next to impossible to obtan unless one makes them oneself.

      To translate (please excuse the spellings my Latin is old and weak):
      S.V.R. = Spiritus Vini Rectificatus = alcohol (sometimes applied to brandy)
      Ol. Anisi = Oil of Anis
      ol. Caryoph. = Oil of Caryophyllus (cloves)
      Spr. Rectificat = Spriritus Rectificatus = Alcohol
      Mag. Carb. Levis ­ Powdered light Magnesium Carbonate
      Ad = enough to make
      Aq. ­ Aqua or water
      Sacch. Alb. = White Sugar, Sucrose
      Octarious = Pint (literally 1/8 gallon)
      Syrup BP = simple syrup (roughly - dissolve one volume of sugar in enough
      water to make the same volume of syrup)
      Caramel = Caramel syrup coloring ­ alternatively you might try using Dark
      Brown Sugar in placed of the White Sugar, just remember to adjust for the
      water content of the brown sugar. I would use standard carmel coloring as
      might be commercially available. The preparation of this de novo from sugar
      is an art, something that one has to do to apprecieate. For anyone really
      interested in the process I can provide the basic insturctions upon request.

      The Brown Hermit of Rhosgobel, Aiwendil servant of Yavanna (NPC - Elfstone
      LARP - Atlanta, GA)
      AKA John Ostrander

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      > Greeting all long time lurker first time posting.
      > Our local brewing guild will be doing a class on cordials. I was hoping
      > ot get an idea of a medicinal cordial I could make. Any help with a
      > recipes or ideas would be greatly appricated.
      > Yours in service to the Green,
      > Elena verch Gwalchami
      > Shire Wintermist
      > Kingdom of Caid
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