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Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Re: Saffron source thanks

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  • Lynn Meyer
    ... I asked that a few months ago :-)
    Message 1 of 26 , May 31, 2003
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      > From: Tchipakkan <tchipakkan@...>
      >"a bottle" is ambiguous. The pepperer's guild bottles are sold by weight
      >"dwt" whatever that means,

      I asked that a few months ago :-)

      A dwt is a penny-weight. About 1/17th of an ounce.



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    • Jennifer A. Heise
      Dear Arastorm, Stefan has been asking for herbal stuff for the Florilegium. Would you mind if I sent this to him? Or would you like to re-write it and send it
      Message 2 of 26 , Oct 5, 2004
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        Dear Arastorm,

        Stefan has been asking for herbal stuff for the Florilegium. Would you mind if I sent this to him? Or would you like to re-write it and send it to him directly?

        -- Jadwiga
        Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Digest Number 714

        Now I am thinking it would be cool to make a batch of most precious ointment at Pennsic - If each person brought 5 herbs, we could get a batch made without any one person having to get all of them...

        What is this ointment and what does it do? Can you post a recipe? It sounds intriguing.


        Most precious ointment is a bruise juice- thought I'd sent it out in April, but here's the recipe in case it didn't get there. I first ran into it around AS 10-15 I think. Mistress Anne of Hatfield made it, and fighters swore by it.
        I found it in _A Garden of Herbs_ by Elanor Rohde, 1936 where it's attributed to Receipts in Physick & Chirurgery by Kenelm Digby, 1668

        "A MOST PRECIOUS OINTMENT FOR ALL MANNER OF ACHES AND BRUISES: ND ALSO FOR THE REDNESS OF THE FACE,- Take Violet, Primrose, Elder, Cowslip, leafs and flowers; Sage, Mugwort, Ragweed, white Lillies, St. Johnswort, Rose-leafs, Rue, Fetherfew, Tansie, Lovage, Mint, Chamomile, Thyme, Dill, Clary, Oak of Jerusalem, Penyroyal, Hysop, Balm, White Mint, Marygold, Peony-leafs, Bay-leafs, Saffron, each one handful. Stamp all these in a Stone-mortar, as you get them then put them in a Pottle of Sallet Oyl, and so let them infuse there till you have all the rest together; for you cannot get them all at one time, but get them as fast as you can. Then put to them and the Oyl a quart of White Wine, and set it over the fire, and boyl it to the Consumption of the Wine; then take it off and strain it; then put it into a glass and keep it for use. when you anoint any sore with this do it by the fire side, chafing it well in; and then lay a Hog's-bladder next to it, and a Linnen upon that."

               My guess about what makes it so "precious" is both the large number of ingredients, and the saffron. If you really fluff up a $5 dwt vial of saffron from the Pepperer's guild*, four vials will make a quarter cup. So if we start whatever amount of saffron we gather, and use the same measure for the others, we don't have to try to get "a handful" of saffron= or maybe with several people contributing, we CAN get that much. How about I post the list as below ,and anyone who wants to participate puts their names beside the herbs they can bring. (we can brainstorm on the hard ones)  I'd like to gather as many as possible from our own yards and gardens. I am putting down myself for the ones I have, but will bow out for the ones others have as the list fills. I'll put the jar of olive oil out in my shop when I set up say on the 3'd or 4th, then we can boil, strain and bottle it  (and divide it among us) later in the war. How's that for a plan? BTW maybe when we see what each other grows we can do an exchange at the war. My yard is burgeoning with mullein, violet, red-clover, sheep sorrel, evening primrose, St.John'swort, burdock, shepards purse, boneset, etc. How about the rest of your yards? (sadly, I over harvested the nettel a few years ago, and haven't got any now.)

        Violet          Arastorm
        Primrose    Arastorm
        Cowslip, leafs and flowers
        Sage           Arastorm
        Mugwort     Arastorm
        Ragweed  Arastorm
        white Lillies
        St. Johnswort Arastorm
        Rose-leafs Arastorm
        Rue             Arastorm
        Fetherfew  (Feverfew?) Arastorm
        Lovage      Arastorm
        Mint            Arastorm
        Camomile Arastorm
        Thyme       Arastorm
        Dill             Arastorm
        Oak of Jerusalem
        Penyroyal   Arastorm
        Hysop        Arastorm
        Balm          Arastorm
        White Mint
        Marygold (Calendula) Arastorm
        Saffron -   Arastorm- (one or two vials)
        pottle of Sallet Oyl (olive oil- unless someone has a better thought) Arastorm
        quart of White Wine

        * pepperer's guild website:

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