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RE: [Herbalist] Re: Immediate Help Needed for Holiday Presents

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  • Dianaim
    Well, as I stated in my previous email, I am a complete novice. This was my very first project that needed to be cooked . If anyone has any further
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2002
      Well, as I stated in my previous email, I am a complete novice. This was my
      very first project that needed to be "cooked". If anyone has any further
      suggestions to this recipe, steps and/or hints that I have included here,
      please by all means speak up. I am always interested in new ideas and would
      like to become much better at herbalogy.

      I actually combined two recipes, one from the Herbalist Anteorra
      list(Isamin's), one from the SCA-Herbalist list(Johanna's) and added some
      suggestions from my local herb shop(in Massachusetts). Here is what I did.

      1 1/2 cups calendula flowers (pot marigold-dried)
      8 oz pure Lanolin
      6 oz Almond oil
      1/2 cup Comfrey leaves (dried)
      1 oz Arnica flowers (dried)
      1 cup Juniper berries (dried & crushed)
      1 oz or more beeswax to thicken

      Put all ingredients into a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees for 1
      hour. Strain the mixture into a glass container and place into the
      refrigerator for about 15 minutes plus. Once it starts to harden, check the
      consistency. If too hard add oil, if too soft, add beeswax in small

      When it is the right consistency, reheat to a liquid form slowly (double
      boiler is the best way to do this). While the liquid is reheating add:

      10 drops/2 oz container - Lavender Essential Oil
      10 drops/2 oz container - Red St. John's Wort

      to each container that you are using for the final product. Add the liquid
      herbal mixture to the containers and stir gently with a wooden chopstick or
      the like to mix in the essential oils. Let cool then cover.

      I increased the recipe to 12 oz Lanolin and 8 oz Almond oil and ended up
      with 11 - 2 oz containers to give away as gifts (and of course 1 went to my
      husband for being such a good guinea pig).

      You can add cloves(to improve the smell) and/or bay leaf (1 cup dried -
      Anthimus nobilus) to the mixture. It will change the scent, but I am not
      sure about what it will do as far as staining goes.

      Now for some preparation advise. As this being my very first project, I can
      tell you that this advise is from my personal experience (and too many hours
      cleaning up my mess!)

      I used cheesecloth to strain the herbal mixture. I do not recommend this.
      If you have some type of press (the herb shop suggested a ricer over a metal
      strainer) USE IT. The mixture is very hot and will burn you (almost did to

      Put down newspaper in your working area and use some type of gloves when
      handling the hot mixture. It will make clean-up easier and will prevent the
      liquid lanolin from getting all over you, your kitchen counters and anything
      else that might be in the way. Dawn dishwashing liquid and hot water (as
      hot as you can stand) will cut through the greasy film that is left on your
      tools, hands, counters, stove, etc.

      Hope that this is easy to understand and that it works well for you.


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      Would you mind possibly sharing the recipe for the "bruise butter"? There
      is a very popular "bruise juice" down here, but it is a liquid and tends to
      stain.... Yours sounds much nicer!

      Hi Everyone,

      I just wanted to thank everyone who came to my aide with their suggestions.
      I have made 11 - 2 oz containers of bruise butter using Almond oil in place
      of the coconut oil. My husband has tested the bruise butter and says that it
      is as smooth as butter and absorbs nicely into the skin. Not bad for the
      very first item that I have tried that needed to be cooked.

      Happy Holidays to you all!


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