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Fwd: 15th Annual Green Nations Gathering-September 19-21, 2003

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  • Pam Jacques
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      --- Deb Pouech <herbnhon@...> wrote:
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      > Subject: 15th Annual Green Nations
      > Gathering-September 19-21, 2003
      > Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 11:38:08 -0500
      > December 13, 2002
      > Dear Friends of the Green Nations,
      > We hope that this letter finds you well. Happy
      > Holidays to you all. As the
      > year draws to a close and we all take time to review
      > the happenings of this
      > past year and begin planning for the coming year, we
      > would like to update
      > you on the exciting changes in store for the 15th
      > Annual Green Nations
      > Gathering.
      > We have decided to leave Frost Valley for a variety
      > of reasons and have
      > found a great facility that better suits our needs.
      > It is Iroquois Springs
      > in Rock Hill, NY. This camp is in the same vicinity
      > as Frost Valley but has
      > easier access to a main highway (Rt. 17). It is 90
      > miles from New York City.
      > The campus is not as spread out as Frost Valley so
      > it is easier to get
      > between classroom spaces. There is a theater that
      > seats 500 so we won't have
      > to have evening programs in the dining hall. There
      > are very extensive
      > outdoor recreation facilities including a heated
      > swimming pool, tennis
      > courts, a running track and a lake with canoes
      > provided. We have been
      > assured of availability while we are there so we can
      > have great play time as
      > well as learning time. The best of all is the chef,
      > a Culinary Institute
      > graduate, who is committed to working with us on
      > menus and recipes for the
      > weekend.
      > All of this and it is less expensive than Frost
      > Valley. Because of the move
      > to this new location we have had to change the dates
      > to September 19-21,
      > 2003. This later date is actually better because it
      > doesn't interfere with
      > kids going back to school.
      > As our community continues to grow, and our work
      > becomes more urgent, we are
      > reaching out to more people by enlarging the focus
      > of Green Nations
      > Gathering to include Holistic Health, Spiritual
      > Ecology, Food Activism,
      > Environmental Issues and Global Democracy. Of
      > course, we will still have a
      > strong focus on herbal medicine.
      > Our new mission statement reflects some of the
      > changes we are trying to
      > integrate into the weekend:
      > The Green Nations are communities of people who love
      > Earth, respect all her
      > beings and honor the interdependent diversity needed
      > for peaceful,
      > sustainable life. We are herbalists, gardeners,
      > farmers, environmentalists,
      > holistic healthcare providers, social justice
      > activists, spiritual
      > ecologists and earth stewards who gather to learn,
      > inspire each other,
      > network for the planet, play and renew our
      > commitment to live in beauty and
      > walk in harmony on Earth, our partner. Ours is a
      > revolution of the heart,
      > taking action to make the world a better place to
      > live.
      > We are in the process of confirming teachers. Many
      > of these teachers you
      > recognize as very knowledgeable herbalists. What you
      > may not know is that
      > they are incredibly diverse human beings who have
      > led activist lives for up
      > to thirty years now. They have done so much to help
      > make our planet a
      > healthy place to live, to bring alternative ways of
      > healing to the people,
      > to bring justice to those less fortunate, to
      > stand-up for democracy and
      > peace across the globe. They have so much more to
      > offer than just their
      > herbal knowledge.
      > The presently confirmed list is:
      > Cascade Anderson
      > David Hoffman
      > Susun Weed
      > Doug Elliot
      > Steven Foster
      > David Winston
      > David Crow
      > Ryan Drum
      > Pam Montgomery
      > Shep Ogden
      > Kate Gilday
      > Don Babineau
      > Stephen Buhner
      > Bevin Clare
      > Luis Tazan
      > Martin Prechtel
      > Tony(a) Lemos
      > Peeka Trenkle
      > White Feather
      > Arti Ross Kelso
      > Cecelia Mitchell
      > Unconfirmed
      > Vandana Shiva
      > Starhawk
      > Julia ButterflyHill
      > Rosita Arvigo
      > Tieraona Low Dog
      > James Oschman
      > Our new website www.greennations.org is under
      > construction. This website
      > will keep you updated with information as it firms
      > up. For information and
      > links, you can also view
      > www.partnereartheducationcenter.com. If you would
      > like to be updated about Green Nations Gathering by
      > e-mail, let us know by
      > replying to this message. Also, please pass this
      > information along to others
      > in your community.
      > We do hope you will join us this coming fall for a
      > Green Nations Gathering
      > that promises to be one of the most inspiring events
      > of the year.
      > In love, peace and green wisdom,
      > Green Nations Staff

      > ATTACHMENT part 2 application/ms-tnef

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