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  • Tammy Thompson
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2002
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      > theresa brooks wrote:
      > Hello Everyone :)
      > As some of you may recall I mentioned about a week past, that I will
      > be teaching an "open" class on herbs. I plan to start with basic
      > research, then growing and care of herbs.
      > That will be in Spring and summer.
      > In fall I wish to cover harvesting, care and storage of herbs.
      > In the Winter I wish to cover use of herbs.
      > I am now doing some basic research to get ready and would dearly love
      > some input. I have experience in the use of herbs but am limited in
      > growth.I have not been able to do much growing of herbs yet myself and
      > that part of the class will be a bit of learning experience for me
      > also.
      > I would love ideas on what herbs are easiest for beginners, I would
      > also like to know what of those is the most useful. I wish to make
      > this experience as fun and educational as I can. I already have 7
      > people jumping for classes to begin.
      > I have suggested some sites (thanks Jadwiga) and some books for
      > students to do their own preliminary research.
      > For the actually growing part I hope to have a raised bed that can be
      > sectioned off for each student. I would also like to have a bunch of
      > window boxes that will be moveable planting containers. Each student
      > will have a notebook and I myself will keep a student by student
      > inventory of activity.
      > I am hoping that as many of you as possible can make it to Balfar's
      > Challenge this year. I would love to exchange ideas.
      > Any and all ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
      > Isabella d'Allaines-sur-Comte
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