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8703Re: [SCA-Herbalist] strewing herbs?

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  • Hope Bryant
    Sep 9, 2013
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      Bedbugs are not always red, although the brownish caprice is red tinged. I've had them. I've fought a never-ending battle with them for over 3 years. FINALLY I managed to get away from them, and I have nightmares about finding them in the place I live now. If I could eradicate them to the last I would (I'm suffering from skin conditions now because of them).

      Well do I know. GR.

      The babies (newly hatched) are clear. They go through several molting stages. The eggs are almost indestructible which is why you have to work on /repeated/ attempts to get rid of them so you kill them /as/ they hatch.  You have to get them before they molt to the point of breeding. Breeding adults can be very large (bigger then tick) and have a tick-shaped body (but look "armored" rather then smooth). They are flatter too until they feed, then they look like fat fleas.

      Bed bugs and fleas bite in a similar way as well (cluster of three) so often it's hard to determine if it's flea of bed bug until one is caught.

      Fleas are longer, thinner, more oblong (not round) and are more "upright" rather then laying flat the way a tick or bed bug can. They are black.

      Fleas (I have a dog and cat that are indoor-outdoors so that's my current nuisance) are a pain but can be managed.

      Diatimaceous earth can be dangerous to breath in. There are two types. You want the food grade stuff, not the garden grade stuff. If you breath it in you could cause serious damage to your lungs (called siliceous). Paper face masks won't help because the particles are so small. You need a special small particle face mask. However it is the BEST natural cure-all for both kinds of bugs. It's made of the ancient remains of diatoms ground to a fine powder.

      There are toxins out there made of chrysanthemums that seem to work, as it attacks the carapace and eats away at it. But this needs to be applied more regularly. Some carpet cleaners out there for pets have D.E. in them. Look for it. :) They have other ingredients to help reduce the "float" of dust particles.

      On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 11:27 AM, Lady Biya <aisinbiya@...> wrote:

      I had an exterminator come over.  He found NO SIGNS of bed bugs.  I've also plucked some off my body.  tiny, black, about 1 mm long.

      bed bugs are round in shape and red.

      Absolutely fleas.

      The fleas jump from the floor to me sleeping.  They've also laid their eggs all over my bedding.

      I am the only mammal in my home and therefore the only food supply for them.  They don't come near my cockatoo.

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